Juliana Torres

I am passionate about natural healing and arts since I was a child.
The spiritual calling in 1996 was incontestable and I have started my journey of self-knowledge when I became neophyte in IEVE (Order of Orient Spirituality) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Simultaneously with the spiritual path, I received the degree in Dance and Drama (BA Hons).

From there, I start to develop my first Women’s Circles in Brazil in 2011 combining ancient rituals with sacred dance.

I am always looking for self-improvement so I went through so many workshops, spiritual justify and courses in Brazil, Portugal, England and Ireland. Following my soul mission, I have a very diverse background, as a priestess, healer, spiritual teacher and I facilitate healing sessions in Blackrock (Co. Dublin) with Reiki, Access Bars, Chromotheraphy, Shamanic Drumming and Tarot readings as healing tools.

I am a seeker driven by love and the mission of spreading the new consciousness, balancing the female and male energies on the planet and promoting connection with nature. In 2013, I had a vision and have created the ‘Sacred Feminine Circle Ireland’ project, and since then more than five hundred women have been connected in a circle across Ireland, Brazil and Portugal.

❃ Certifications

  • Professional Holistic Therapist CRT 51318
  • Professional Degree Dancer SPDRJ 23110 – Brazil
  • Professional Degree Singer OMB 1.069 – Brazil
  • Professional Holistic Therapist CRT 51318
  • BA (Hons) in Drama – Universidade da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Healer – IEVE Rio de Janeiro
  • Healer – Ordem da Coroa Rio de Janeiro
  • Dançando pela Terra – Earth Dancing certification
  • Kilkenny Druidry College – Bard certification
  • Moon Mná Facilitator – Celtic Women’s Circle certification (Slí an Chroí)
  • Initiation Divine Womb®
  • Rebirthing Breathwork Technique
  • Reiki Level 2
  • Womb Keeper Munay-Ki
  • Gaya Circle – Guardian of Feminine Circles
  • Goddess Astrological Mandala certification – Cirandda da Lua Brazil
  • Access Bars® Practitioner
  • Sisterhood of Avalon – Glastonbury Goddess Temple